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Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally: A Date, Place, and Some Early Speakers for The Conversation 2010, in New York

I'm excited that we're finally announcing the date, location, and a few of the early speakers for the next edition of The Conversation, a gathering we first held in the Bay Area back in 2008. (If you were at the inaugural Conversation, you may have already gotten an e-mail about this next one.)

It'll be held Saturday, March 27th at Columbia University (thanks to the support of faculty member Ira Deutchman and event manager Daisy Nam there.) Those of us on The Conversation's advisory board are working to recruit some amazing speakers and sponsors, and ensure that this East Coast event will be inspiring, invigorating, and most of all -- useful.

We'd love your help spreading the word. If you happen to tweet about it, you can use the hash tag #convoNYC.

Registration is now open and there is a steep discount if you sign up before February 14th, when the price goes up $25.

We are also soliciting your ideas for speakers, topics, and workshops you might want to run at the event, on the conference's wiki.

Confirmed speakers, moderators, and workshop leaders include:

    - Bob Alexander, CEO, Indiepix

    - Brian Chirls, Filmmaker and Technologist, Chirls.com

    - Arin Crumley, Filmmaker, "Four Eyed Monsters"; founder, OpenIndie

    - Matt Dentler, Cinetic Rights Management/FilmBuff

    - Ira Deutchman, Managing Partner, Emerging Pictures; Professor of Professional Practice, Graduate Film Division, Columbia University School of the Arts

    - Sandi DuBowski, Founder, Films That Change the World; Outreach Director, The Good Pitch

    - Sean Fitzroy, Founder, Cineshift

    - Jim Flynn, CEO, EZTakes

    - Scott Kirsner, Editor, CinemaTech; Author, "Fans, Friends & Followers"

    - Ari Kuschnir and Scott Thrift, m ss n g p eces

    - Richard Lorber, CEO, Kino Lorber

    - Cory McAbee, Director, "Stingray Sam" and "The American Astronaut"

    - Brian Newman, Founder, SpringBoardMedia

    - Laure Parsons, Founder, x + x films

    - Steve Savage, CEO, New Video

    - Fred Seibert, CEO, Next New Networks

    - Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus

    - Tiffany Shlain, Director, "Connected" and "The Tribe"; founder, The Webby Awards

    - Chris Thilk, Publisher, Movie Marketing Madness

    - Hunter Weeks, Director, "Ride the Divide" and "10 Yards"

    - Lance Weiler, Director, "Head Trauma" and Publisher, The Workbook Project

    - Thomas Woodrow, Producer, "Bass Ackwards"

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Future Conversations

There's been some talk in the last month about organizing more CONVERSATIONs this year.

One thought is a series of online events that would include video interviews with forward thinkers, along with the chance for you to ask them questions and float ideas of your own... live. The advantage here is that you'd be able to hear from one person in great detail, and we'd have plenty of time for questions.

Another is to do another "real world" event, possibly in New York, building upon last October's gathering in Berkeley. The upside to these live events is the chance to make new connections and get face time with speakers and other participants.

(And the two ideas aren't mutually exclusive.)

We're very open to hearing your ideas about speakers you'd like to hear from, topics you'd like to see covered, and anything else...

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