[The Conversation: At the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, CA, October 17-18, 2009]

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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Conversation 2010 Wrap-Up: Links, Tweets, Pics, and More

Thanks to everyone who was part of The Conversation @ Columbia on Saturday — what a high-energy group of pioneers!

We'll try to collect as much media as possible related to the event here. Feel free to post other links as a comment below. (We hope to post some video of the main panels soon...)

- Host & advisor Ira Deutchman's kick-off speech.

    "We need to come to terms with the contradictions of a marketplace that simultaneously gets more accessible by the day, and more difficult by the day."

- The Twitter stream from the event.

- "Thoughts on 'Free' from The Conversation," from Smitri Mundrha at Truly Free Film

- From The Film Panel Notetaker: Film Links Worth Clicking from The Conversation.

    "I most appreciated the positive, playful and experimental spirit that dominated the day’s events..."

- From Eugene Hernandez of IndieWire:

    "Throughout the day filmmakers seemed at odds over a number of issues. Case in point, some resist the idea that they need to spend more time marketing and distributing their own movies. Others reject advice that they should to consider their ultimate audience for a movie, and sometimes distribution plans, even before they start shooting their films. Still others in attendance groused that journalists are spending more time focusing on the business and process of making and releasing movies, rather than the films themselves."

- Brian Newman's pre-event notes about audience engagement, and a post-event essay titled "Selling Your Film: When Is The Best Time? From that second piece:

    "My argument here is really with the notion that a premiere at a major festival is your point of maximal awareness. It’s not, never has been and never will be, unless such festivals do a lot of re-visioning of what they are and how they operate."

- Notes from David Tamés at Kino-Eye:

    ...[C]ollaboration among independent filmmakers is crucial if we’re going to develop an alternative way to build and connect with audiences and develop a healthy distribution ecosystem...

- Scott Kirsner's iPhone pics of the event, on Flickr.

- "The Conversation in a Nutshell," from filmmaker Adam Reid.

    "We are forced to be pioneers of this industry, prioritizing what we want to get back from our work and planning accordingly."

- Chris Thilk from Voce Communications, a sponsor of The Conversation.

- Slides from the "Cultivating Your Twitter Following" session with Joselin Mane and Angela Aviles- Clinton.

- Blog post from Leah Hurley of Web Direct.

- Speaker/moderator Aina Abiodun: video and related material from her session on product placement and marketing partnerships.

- Event notes from Latinos in Entertainment.

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